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Preguntas para mi   Twenty-two year-old designer in Seattle. Fan of: visual communication, television, cooking, photography, alternative music, fashion, dogs, the PNW, coffee & tea.

Spicemode is a line of international specialty food products is focused on showcasing all-natural, handcrafted and healthy versions of the flavor-forward and vibrantly-spiced curries of India. 

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Maksim Arbuzov   |

"Feel The Nature, Feel The Form! Natural forms is the best way to show naturalness of product. You need to have only form that to understand what is inside of package. Honey must looks as honey. That is why this package is so simple and clean. You have to enjoy the smell and taste of Honey. Nothing more should not bother you."

The moment he took a pencil and drew something on the wall that later on turned out to be a car, his design career was started. Then he swapped a pencil for a spray paint and cars were drawn not only inside his house but also on city streets. Afterwards, he found practical use for his skills and worked for a student newspaper as an illustrator while studying tourist management. Career in that field ended before it even started and Maxim decided to become a designer. He prefers working in silence and to have his work done to satisfy the highest standards. He likes the sun and snow, coffee and ice-cream

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And we kill at lettuce wraps.

And we kill at lettuce wraps.

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ezra koenig dancing 


This is the nerdiest thing on tumblr.

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Small Stories Bigger Picture @ MOTI, Breda (Netherlands, 2012) [Design: Tiesencoo; Curators: Sven Ehmann and Dennis Elbers]

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Abstract Tuesday.

Abstract Tuesday.

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